In the interests of all parties, please follow these guidelines so as to ensure the complaint can be addressed in a timely and transparent manner:

The parent/caregiver can raise an issue with the respective coach before or after the class (only if the instructor is free to talk ie not taking another class). The coach must be given adequate time to respond and make any necessary adjustments to the class.

If this is not satisfactory, or the parent/caregiver does not have an opportunity to talk to the coach directly, then they can raise the issue with the office staff directly, or email their concerns to the office.

The office manager would advise the ESGC Head Coach of the issue.

The ESGC Head Coach will respond to the parent/caregiver once he has done his due diligance on the matter.

If this is still not satisfactory to the parent, the Secretary will raise the issue at the next committee meeting – or if it is of a serious matter a special meeting would be convened of the officers of the committee to discuss the matter in more detail. The ESGC President will respond to the parent/caregiver.