In the interests of all parties, please follow the guidelines below so as to ensure your feedback can be addressed in a timely and transparent manner:


  • Feedback is to be made in written form or given verbally to a staff member who will make a written note of the feedback.
  • Staff members may follow up all minor feedback/ concerns with the person giving the feedback after an appropriate passage of time to discuss perceived developments. The contact may need to continue for whatever time is deemed appropriate by the staff member, for an evaluation of developments.
  • Anyone making a major complaint or having a serious concern is requested to give it in writing and a copy is to be given to the Head coach and staff member concerned.  A letter acknowledging the complaint will be sent to the complainant at the earliest convenience.
  • Serious complaints will be investigated by the Head Coach, with a written report going to the complainant and to the Ethics Sub-committee. 


If you wish to provide feedback, please click the Feedback Form link below