Our family had the pleasure of enrolling our (at the time) 2 1/2 year old son Sam in Natalija’s Playgym session at ESGC, and it was simply a joy attending each week.

I looked forward to every lesson as much as Sam did! Natalija proved herself to be an invaluable and highly knowledgeable instructor, who is personable and genuinely compassionate with the children. Sam blossomed under her instruction, and made a lovely friendship in the process. Not only did he have a chance to exercise and practise his gross motor skills, but also discipline, self-confidence, patience, success as well as disappointment – all under the careful and watchful eye of Natalija, who so obviously puts the best interest of her students first.

Sam spent a year at Playgym before we moved out of the Auckland area, but had we stayed, Sam would have practised gymnastics with Natalija for as long as she was teaching. Anyone is lucky to have her, and she is truly missed by our entire family.


Warm Regards,

Megan Savageau

Frida Comber

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