For preschoolers aged 2-5 years we offer a fun-filled PLAYGYM program.

PLAYGYM is an early childhood gymnastics program for 2-3 years old which is attended by both the child and a parent. This training is based on seven dominant movement patterns: swing, statics, locomotion, spring, landing, rotations and manipulative skills. Our PLAYGYM children develop control and coordination of their body as they learn the fundamentals of gymnastics which in turn helps them to cope in the outside world. Its great fun and the kids LOVE it!


For any Playgym queries, please contact our office

PLAYGYM RED is a program for 4-5 years old to help smooth the transition between our Playgym classes into our General Gymnastics program. Parents can sit back and relax as our coaches’ work directly with the children.

Dress code, a leotard or close fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirt) are best for gymnastics. Clothes should not have buckles, buttons or zips that are exposed. Dresses, skirts, baggy clothing or beach shorts are not suitable for gymnastics. Bare feet are best for learning gymnastics. No shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Long hair MUST be tied up. PlayGym Parents accompanying children should be dressed in a manner appropriate for active participation.

Class Pricing

Class                 Cost (10 week term)

Playgym –           $170

Playgym Red –   $190

Playgym Class Timetables

Please note: The Tuesday and Sunday classes are waitlist only classes atm as we need to confirm enough interest to warrant running the class.

If you are interested in these classes please register online for the waitlist and we will open for enrolments and email you as soon as we have enough children to run the class.

*PLAYGYM RED is a class where gymnasts participate without a parent