A leotard or close fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirt) are best for gymnastics. Clothes should not have buckles, buttons or zips that are exposed which could get caught or injure students. Dresses, skirts, baggy clothing or beach shorts are not suitable for gymnastics. Bare feet are best for learning gymnastics. Please no shoes. Long hair MUST be tied up. Parents accompanying PlayGym children must be dressed in a manner appropriate for active participation.


Health and Safety

The gymnasium is busy with multiple apparatus being used at one time. Coaches take care to manage spaces and equipment to minimize risk to staff and students. However it is important that the Health and Safety rules of the club are adhered to at all times:

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise the child at all times in the carpark.
  • No gymnast is to leave the building unless under the supervision of an adult or care giver. All gymnasts must wait inside the building to be picked up after class.
  • No gymnast is to use any gym equipment unless under the supervision of a coach.
  • No Parents or Caregivers are to enter the gym floor at any time. Babies and crawlers are the responsibility of the parent or caregiver.
  • For safety reasons, non-enrolled children must remain off the gym floor.
  • If a student is,for any reason, asked to take time out of class for behaviour reasons, they will be asked to sit out all or part of the session in a safe location where they can be seen by the coach.
  • Parent interaction with the coach during the session is not permitted.
  • No flash photography is permitted at any time.

Injuries and First Aid

Injury can occur during gymnastics. It is a high-risk sport. Coaches use their discretion to determine the difference between a minor and major incident when administering First Aid.

In the case of a minor injury, the coach will take the appropriate First Aid response. After a short rest, the gymnast will continue training.

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, First Aid will be administered, including requesting an ambulance if needed. If the parent/caregiver is not at the gym when this injury occurs, you will be contacted using the emergency contact information we have on file for you. Your instructions will be followed from that point on. In the event we are unable to make contact with a parent/caregiver, we will make arrangements to travel to the Accident and Emergency centre closest to ESGC (Lunn Ave, ASCOT or Starship hospital). An ESGC Staff member will remain with the gymnast until the parent/caregiver has arrived and been fully briefed.

Caring for the gymnasium

Students are expected to respect the club equipment and environment. There is no eating permitted in the gymnasium. Water can be consumed only near storage lockers. In the case of Playgym families, pushchairs and prams are to be left in the TV room or waiting room. Clothes should not have buckles, buttons or zips that are exposed which could tear the mats or flooring.

Health considerations

Please keep children who are ill or contagious home until they have recovered. Discourage children from putting equipment into their mouths. Caregivers are expected to notify the club if a child has a health or physical condition that may require special care or treatment.