CCTV Operation:

  1. ESGC operates CCTV on the Club. This means information about what you are doing in the Club will be collected and held by ESGC.
  2. Purposes of CCTV Operation: The purpose of collecting information is to:
    • Increase safety and security of individuals (including, but not limited to, members/gymnasts, employees, causal and temporary staff, and visitors)
    • Protect of Club-owned property
    • Deter criminal behavior and breaches of the ESGC’s Code of Conduct
    • Provide visual access to ESGC classes and programmes by means of a closed-circuit TV monitor system with live-streaming functionality
  1. Disclosure of Information Held. The information collected are accessed by the ESGC’s authorised staff only and used for the purposes in paragraph 2 above.
  2. Access to CCTV. Individuals identified on CCTV have the right to ask for access to footage about them and request that information be corrected. All requests will be dealt with under the Privacy Act. Member and staff who want to view footage about themselves need to complete a Request to review CCTV form.