Fees and Charges

ESGC Fees are calculated on a 10 week term basis and we follow the dates of government primary school terms.

The full fee amount is due before a child will be confirmed in a class. If a child turns up to his/her first class before the total fees have been received by ESGC, their participation in this class will be denied.

Gymnasts that miss training sessions due to sickness or injury, or another reason, are not entitled to a fee reduction.

An administration fee of $20 will be charged to meet requests for a change of class, day/time during the term.

We don’t do make up classes – the quality and safety of classes would be compromised if we allowed members to do make up classes.

New gymnasts starting partway through a term are charged on a pro-rated basis.


Cancellations and refunds for Playgym and General Gymnastics

If a child is enrolled in a class and a written cancellation is received more than 7 days prior to the first class, then the term fees will be refunded less a $30 cancellation fee.

If less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given, the term fees will not be refunded.

If a child is enrolled in a class but does not attend the classes, the term fees will not be refunded.

No refunds or discounts are offered if students need to finish early or arrive late, or take days off.

Sickness and injury

In the case of sickness, no make-up sessions are offered. Quality and safety will be compromised if members join classes they don’t generally belong to.

Gymnasts that miss training sessions due to sickness are not entitled to a fee reduction. However, upon application to the Center Manager, if a gymnast is sick or injured for longer than 4 weeks, with a medical certificate and if the ESGC Office is notified before the 4 weeks missed, then parents may be offered at the discretion of the Center Manager the option of a 50% credit for that time missed towards the following term. To be eligible the student must not be training at all during this. Please note that any special circumstances will be considered with written application.


Change of class

Any voluntary change of class during the term will incur a $20 administrative fee. There are 2 exemptions:

    • Gymnasts moving into a competitive squad by invitation
    • Cancellation of class due to insufficient numbers of gymnasts. In this case we may offer a place in another class, or refund for un-attended lessons if the alternative class offered is not suitable


Holiday program payments

There is no refund for cancellations within 7 days prior to the start of the holiday program unless a medical certificate is supplied. In this case, a $20 administration fee applies.


Competitive gymnastics payments

Competitive A Gymnasts are automatically re-enrolled in competitive classes and must pay the relevant fees before the start of the next term. Invoices will be sent directly to the parent/caregiver prior to the end of the existing term. Payment terms are  strictly 14 days from invoice date. Novice Competitive gymnasts must re-enrol via the web portal each term.

If any fees are in arrears, ESGC reserves the right to not re-enroll the gymnast or deny entry to classes, unless an application has been submitted and approved by the Center Manager.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Competitive A, you must give 4 weeks notice in writing or fees will be charged or for Novice squad 2 weeks notice.

During Competition Season, Competitive A squad gymnasts may miss a weekend training session due to a specific competition. There are no makeup sessions for these dates as the gymnasts are still being coached by their coaches at these competitions.