Class Information

Looking for fun recreational gymnastics classes for school age children? You’re at the right place! If your child has never tried gymnastics before, or if they have some level of experience, ESGC will have a class to suit all school aged children. Our General Gymnastics classes run from 3:30pm Monday to Friday, and there are also a range of times available on the weekend. Classes range from 1-2 hours in length depending on the level of the gymnast.


Rainbow Programme

ESGC is proud to offer the unique RAINBOW programme which is based on the progression of fundamental gymnastics skills and its pre-requisites of strength and flexibility. There are 8 levels of difficulty, each named after rainbow colours, each with approximately 15 skills per level.

Age 5-7 year old girls and boys, who are new to gymnastics, start in a RED class, in which they learn basic gymnastics skills and get to experience their new environment, gym rules and procedures. From RED Level they progress to ORANGE, then YELLOW, aiming at the very last one—DIAMOND. Gymnasts move to the next level when all the skills have been achieved and assessed at the formal Rainbow Test. Gymnasts can only enrol in the next level up once they pass their current level at a Rainbow Test.

Gymnasts aged 8+ years of age are invited to join either the Girls Rainbow 8+, or Boys Yellow/Green/Blue. Here gymnasts will be in a class with children closer to their age and ability.

If your child has previously attended gymnastics classes, is outside of the age for Red or Rainbow 8+ or you are unsure which class to place them in- please contact the office first before enrolling online.

Dress Code

A leotard or close fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirt) are best for gymnastics. Clothes should not have buckles, buttons or zips that are exposed. Dresses, skirts, baggy clothing or beach shorts are not suitable for gymnastics. Bare feet are best for learning gymnastics. No shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Long hair MUST be tied up.

Class Pricing

General Gymnastics Fees (inc GST)

Class                                                                          Cost (10 week term)

1 hour class          (Red & Orange & Parkour)………….…..……$220.00

1½ hour class       (Yellow/Green/ Rainbow 8+)..…………… ….$260.00

1½ hour class       (Circus & Acro)…………………………………..$310.00

2 hour class          (Blue & higher)………………………………..…$310.00

2013-12-08 Rainbow Test 070


Rainbow Day

Rainbow Day Events take place at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Gymnasts who have shown a proficiency in their Rainbow level are invited to sit the test and move up to the next level or gymnasts who are not quite ready to move up can attend the event as exhibition gymnasts to show off the skills they have been working on. Gymnasts can only progress to the next Rainbow level once they have passed their level at the Rainbow Test.

Our Rainbow Day is a major club event at which our gymnasts get to experience the challenge of either exhibiting skills in progress or being assessed and being able to move to the next level. It is a great pleasure for the club, the coaches and the parents watching their children progressing, having fun and displaying all their hard work. All gymnasts receive a certificate and an ESGC T-shirt.

Rainbow Days usually take place on a Sunday and cost $30 to attend the test, or $20 to attend exhibition sessions. This cost covers the cost of the t-shirts, certificates and examiners fees.

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