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Send us Feedback or a Compliment

At ESGC we love hearing your positive experiences at the club. Tell us about the experience you’ve had. Feel free to fill out the Feedback Form below.


You can also submit anonymous feedback/complaints ESGC’s actions, decisions or services provided via the Feedback Form below.

The Club will monitor feedback forms submitted. Due to the anonymous nature of the feedback/complaint, there will be no response from the Club. However, the club will monitor for trends in feedback/complaints and the Board may launch an investigation if it feels necessary.

Making a Complaint

Have a Complaint?

At ESGC we take concerns and complaints seriously. We are committed to ensuring that all complaints are dealt with appropriately, fairly, in a timely and transparent way. If you have questions or a complaint about the service you have received, please contact us.


What should you do first?

As a first step, contact the relevant staff member who is most directly associated with the matter. That staff member will try to resolve the matter straight away.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by a staff member, they may refer your concerns to the Centre Manager to consider. Or you can contact the Centre Manager yourself.


How do you send a Complaint?

You can write to us with the details of your complaint, email, contact the Centre Manager to discuss your concerns or complete the Complaint Form by clicking the link below.


Contact Us:

By Post: 89 Apirana Avenue, Glen Innes. or

By Email:, or

By Phone: (09) 528 0941, or


Fill out the complaint form below.

Please also provide a short, clear description of the reasons of your complaint.


What are the next steps?

If you have sent a complaint to us and given an email address, we will send you an email confirming we have received your complaint. Otherwise we will write to you acknowledging your complaint.


We will look into your complaint and contact you to work through the issue. You should expect a response from us within 1-4 weeks. If we need to take longer, because for example, we need to get additional information or it is a detailed matter, we will let you know.


If your issue is not resolved, or of a serious or sensitive nature

If your issue is not resolved, or is of a serious or sensitive nature, you can contact the ESGC Board at